The Unexpected Weekend Blues

Even though it’s only Saturday evening,  I can already tell that this is going to be a chick flick night. Lifetime Movie Network is having a Marathon, and ultimately premiering a movie called “Starving in Suburbia.” I’m really excited to watch that!
I’ve been forced to become a House hermit for the past two weeks because of cronic illness and exams. I haven’t really had time to do much, fortunately senior year is almost over, so it won’t be this way for long. I had an event to go to today at the beach, but it was cloudy, and I woke up slightly sick.


I decided not to get down about this and broke out my Berlin sweatshirt. I love the color. From the moment I picked it out, I associated it with spring. Generally spring colors are very translucent,  and often pastely. This shade of pink isn’t too light, but it certainly complements the season well.
In advance I apologize for the crap photo quality!  I resolve to get a new camera with my first paycheck I get….but I must find a job first….
Well that’s all for now on random babbling!


Talk to you guys later ♥♥


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