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Final Moments: Capturing the Last Supper of the Lunch Gang ♥


Tomorrow is finally the last day of school!  The last day of my K-12 career, it’s still hard to wrap my head around, but also very exciting! 


We are just super weird! We were playing the human chain game!


Weird faces….


My friends and I have all been friends ever since sophomore year!  Its been a while, but it seems like just yesterday that I just met them.



This Oscar selfie is worthy of an award


The man above is my Government teacher, Mr. Alba.  He’s super cool and he always makes class fun! The reason we all took photos in a classroom: We all hide away from the crowd. It seems like a total wallflower cliche,  but it’s true. Alba was the only teacher who was willing to let us in his class at lunch. Not only that, he helped us out with all class subjects, giving us advice, and being an overall pal.
Leaving school is exciting but it’s actually scary. Jeez it feels weird. For someone who was ready to get the hell out of high school last semester, I’m sure having a hard time leaving it.
All the memories I’ve had, all the people I’ve met, simply put: I got attached.
I guess that’s the way life is:  it just moves on.
The only thing left for me to do is look at things positively…. easier said than done. Although, anything can be calmed by jumping around constantly and repeating my mantra:  It will ALL be OKAY, It will ALL be OKAY.


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