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Pool Day | Actual Summer Roadtrip!


Ahhhhhhh!!!! Pool time:) very relaxing, I was inspired to take this photo of my legs from seeing that “legs or sausages” thing haha.
I really need to tan! It’s super depressing haha. Well the world cup has been going on for a long fucking time, it needs to stop. That’s all I’ve been hearing for the longest Time…..arggggg
Anyway tomorrow my lovely mother and sister planned a trip to Yosemite, California….. In the wilderness…….fml…..
I hate going on any trips with family because they just seem to suck the fun out of EVERYTHING. I mean, what better way to spoil a trip than to go with a neurotic mother, and truly the most negative person to ever walk the planet?
On a lighter note, I got this post up on the 1st of this month!
Happy July everyone ♥♥♥♥
*****Out of curiosity,  what are some of the things you guys are doing for this fourth of July? *****


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