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First Day of College…

The first day was….a surreal blur… college isn’t what I expected it to be. Its way better than high school, but its very lonely. 

Out of my small group of friends,(well for the exception of three, they’re going to art schools which is different) I am the only one going to a four-year university. The rest of my friends are either joining the military or going to community college. 

I bring this up because thats all I managed to think about the entire day. 

Whenever I walked into my classes and realized I didn’t know anybody… they’re all I thought about. When I saw groups of people from different states and cities hugging their childhood friends because they were all going to the same school… they’re all I thought about. And when I saw them making plans to hang out after classes… they’re all I thought about. 

I miss all the glorious old memories, and I’m truly bummed that I can’t have anymore of them. 

Not just with my friends, but with anyone. Things have changed so drastically….I mean with everything. My friends and I don’t hangout anymore. This guy…lets call him J went from talking all day long, to literally nothing over the course of this summer. 

Heck, my entire self had gone from happy and fulfilled to lost as fuck and sad as fuck. 

I guess the best part about college is that I got to pick out the hours I want to go to school. The parking and traffic however is absolutely insane. They’re always doing some remodeling or construction at the school which makes driving hazardous and parking overwhelming. 







Some photos from a much happier time. I never thought I could miss anyone or anything so much. 

Its even worse when nothing works out. 

Why can’t things just go the way you wish them to? At least just one thing. Thats it….

It just doesn’t work that way. 

I know this isn’t your typical “life is good” post. And I apologize for that. Heres hoping that it all gets better. 

On a much lighter note, I realize that the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same. At least thats the way it is with blogging. 

Hopefully next time Ill have something better to write about. 


4 thoughts on “First Day of College…

  1. The first couple of weeks are always a little hard when you move onto something new! You’ll meet some of the most amazing people you could imagine in college – and build stronger relationships! It takes time, just put yourself out there and get to know people. Go to the welcome week activities and join clubs in the beginning that interest you. You’ll find your way 🙂

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