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Oktoberfest!!!! ….Not really/ College Life

Its been a dream of mine to go to Germany for Oktoberfest. I certainly hope I get to do that someday.

This month has been fairly busy to say the least. Midterms in college require a lot of attention. Something that I’ve taken note of: College is actually easier than high school. The work load is almost triple than what I had before, but its still easier. Many of what my professors lecture me about are things that I’ve seen freshman year of high school. For example, how to write a rhetorical précis. This morning I finally came out of my shell and asked the T.A. “Didn’t you do this in high school?” and her reply: “No”. There were a few people that had, but in their college class last year!

It really made me realize how blessed I was to have gone to France my freshman year.

Moving on to a different topic, I want to get back into dance. I haven done it since high school ended, and I miss it!

Ill probably start when Im about 15 pounds lighter and bendable.

It feels so weird not to blog everyday…. To be fully and completely honest, its because I haven’t taken any photos of outfits and fun adventures… simply because I haven’t gone on any:(

Ive been wearing nothing but sweatpants to school. therefore no cute outfits! I have gotten some money from a couple babysitting gigs and I mainly plan to save it, however I should really go shopping. Lord knows I need new clothes(that fit).

mmmm….all I want to do now is sleep. Ill have a new post with pretty pictures and decent commentary up soon.

Thanks for sticking around!

Until next time!



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