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Wishing I had Something Better to Post

I haven’t done much other than study for finals, and its already been a disaster. However, I have been getting back into my old Zumba groove! I’ve forgotten how much I really love to dance.

I am pleased to announce that all classes end officially TODAY! Normally I would’ve been a little heartbroken, but I am happy to finally get ONE WHOLE MONTH OF BREAK. ❤

This break I’m going up to Canada. The weather is going to be cold but at least I can make snowmen! I am actually looking forward to leaving. This is going to sound crazy, but one of the main reasons I want to go is because of most of my old friends. Going to college really opened my eyes and made me see that most of the old people I was hanging out with weren’t the best. Its horrible to come to terms with these things, especially because they are people that you once used to care for dearly.

I was going to make a Christmas list post, but I honestly cannot think of one thing I really want other than to travel, which is what I am basically doing so theres no point in asking.

I do, however, need to go Christmas shopping! I am dead set in buying a select group of people that I have stayed in touch with one thing. Lets see what Target has in store!

Hmm now I am going to watch Annika Bengzton on Netflix. Wonderful set of crime movies, Im simply addicted.

After finals are over, I resolve to get back into photography and give this blog my very best

Thank you to all of you guys that keep reading! It really means a lot!



3 thoughts on “Wishing I had Something Better to Post

  1. I genuinely hope final exams went well. With the break coming up, it is a well deserved time off. As for “friends,” it is amazing how time to reflect in the presence of others can show just how positive/negative someone has been in our lives.

    1. Thank you brother! It really means a lot! I am hoping everything went well with exams hehe. Its amazing to think about a year ago there were several individuals that I could not live without, but now I cannot even stand being around those same people!
      Life is a cruel teacher, but the lessons learned are not forgotten easily. Maybe that is the best part.
      I hope all is well! And….. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

      1. The lessons we learn with time are priceless gems, which we should always share with others. In high school you probably thought you would never separate from a number of friends. However, time causes you to enter reality, and in this reality, you can count on your hands usually, the friends that remain after high school.

        I genuinely hope you and the family will have a great holiday season this year.

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