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The Body Shop Gift Kit|First Christmas Post!

The second part to the title of this post is rather depressing. However, it is true. THIS IS MY FIRST CHRISTMAS POST!

Normally people gift me soap, lotion, and lip balm because I am a difficult person to shop for. So, I was surprised (and a little gutted) when I saw that my close friend got me a Bath & Body works kit.

As a disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with getting someone you barely know a kit like this. If it is a person you have known for a while, brace yourself for questions like: “Do you think I smell?”, “What are you trying to say?”, and “You really DON’T know me do you?”.

I cannot say that I am proud for acting like such a brat about this gift, but partially into my inner tantrum that I was hosting, I realized that this little kit has everything I need.

For starters, the boxing and packaging is really cute! It earns a spot under the Christmas tree for sure!



The kit come with five items. All these items are full-sized, so everything will last for a long time.

One way I know this gift was carefully thought out was by the type of scent of the kit. I got the ‘Wild Argan Oil’ kit, and may I say, it smells like a piece of heaven <3. I normally cannot stand strong smelling scents like citrus or Japanese blossom. This kit has a much more subtle smell to it, but it is also noticeable and pleasant.


Full-sized body butter! Praise Jesus! Body butter works very well in smoothing skin. Its a great way to keep my skin feeling moisturized throughout the winter, and gives your legs a wonderful looking glow for summer!


This lip balm serves as both lightweight moisture and lip gloss. The smell of this product is just so good, I don’t want to use another lip balm ever again ❤


The bath scrub is also something that I am very excited about (apart from the full-sized bubble bath). I am dead set on getting smooth, healthy looking legs for summer, and this product is perfect for it.

Even though kits like these are usually the most re-gifted items, I am certainly keeping my kit(and using every single product as much as I want to). This is truly a great and convenient gift to give anyone. I truly love it! I know I should’ve waited until Christmas to open this gift….but….oh well. I can easily say that the kit is something that I am going to use for a very long time and that is more than what I can say about any other gift.

Just wanted to share my opinion about the kit. Thank you for reading! This post was NOT sponsored by The Body Shop!

I want to hear about any of your gifts that you are totally in love with!

What gifts did you guys love this year?


3 thoughts on “The Body Shop Gift Kit|First Christmas Post!

  1. I really love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

    1. Thank you Arielle! I just checked out your blog and I fell in love! Your blog is one of the most beautiful blogs I have come across! You are so sweet and kind for checking my blog out. I can’t wait to read more of your posts!
      xoxo your new fan,

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