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Travel Bucket List

The urge to travel the world has continuously pegged my mind ever since my trip to Europe last Spring. Even though I went on a “school educational trip” I still managed to have an amazing time, and it made me realize what I love most in the world; Traveling. I’ve been saving up all of my nanny and birthday money, but I am still financially unable to go to the places I desire. I had completely given up hope until today! My family and I got some delicious takeout from P.F. Changs, and I cracked open my fortune cookie and it read “You shall travel to many exotic places in the coming few years” Even though most fortune cookie language is vague and ambiguous, it restored a motivation that I haven’t had in a while. ❤

So I had a brilliant idea of listing SOME (not all) of the places that I have been dying to visit and revisit. I want to clarify that I am not bragging in anyway, I just want to express my love for traveling and seeing the world. Im very sure that many of you readers share the same passion for traveling as well.

1) Budva, Montenegro

I really want to go here because it is not a destination most people hear about. Apart from that, the place is stunning! ❤

2) Bali, Indonesia 

The rice gardens, the beach, the food ❤ Need I say more?

3) Coast of New Zealand! 

There are penguins on the shores of beaches there<3 I’ve always wanted to walk with a penguin!

4) Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark

I left my heart in Scandinavia ❤

5) London, England

I have already been there a handful of times, however, after re-watching ‘Love, Actually’ I am somewhat convinced that I have to go to London to find true love! Too cheesy?

6) Istanbul, Turkey

Its been a dream of mine to go to the Hagia Sofia ever since I tortured myself endless nights in Art History trying to remember ever single fact about it.

7) Berlin, Germany

After visiting last Spring, I fell in love with this glorious city! I desperately want to study abroad there! 

8) Cancun, Mexico

Even though I have Mexican parents, I have never been to Cancun before. I want to go and see what all the rage is about.

9) Moscow, Russia

Long live the motherland! hehe

10) Oia Santorini, Greece

I instantly fell in love with Santorini afar watching “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”! Its absolutely beautiful!


I have many dreams to traveling to these glorious places, and many other ones. It is really challenging to save up for it in all honesty. Everyone constantly tells me to look up websites like ‘Contiki’ and ‘EF Tours'(I’ve traveled with EF in the past) because they have good deals, but heck its very hard to afford those deals. I am confident I will get to go, I just need some more time and money. It won’t be easy, but I know that the experience that I will get is worth it in the end.

I truly hope you enjoyed reading this list! Leave me a comment if you also want to travel to any of these places!

I hope you have a great Christmas!


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