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Valentine’s Day 2015|Extremely Different From Last Year

Hey you! I hope all is well today! I hope you are having an amazing valentines day today!

I had a lovely date today with homework. We went on a quick stroll on Visio, we streamed the internet, we even slept together!(totally unexpected of course!) <3<3<3

Although, I have a horrible headache from the day’s activities hehe. I can’t complain, Im snuggled up watching ‘Rita’ as we speak. After Annika Bengzton was taken off of Netflix, I resorted to ‘Dicte’ and ‘Rita’- I absolutely love them. Everything is sweet and cozy-just the way V-day should be!

I finally started thinking about how I’ve been single for almost two years. I have come up with the conclusion that I love it. It seems very strange because I constantly talk about p.s. and how I am “forever alone” but I really like being on my own.

I’ve never been the one to particularly enjoy Valentines Day-and I am sure I am not the only person, I find romance fairly cheesy, and enjoying it practically feels fake. I don’t do fake-its not worth it.

Before, I wanted to refuse the fact that I am not a relationship person. I almost felt somewhat sorry for myself. It was also the reason I’ve had so many terrible relationships. All the guys I would go out with, I did not really like them. I mean I did, just not in the way they would like me.

I figured relationships sucked in general-and I should stop dating for a while. Best decision I ever made.

I do not know what it is about being alone and on your own, but it excites me. I can do whatever I want and not have to tell anyone about it. I do not have to feel bad because I might be excluding someone. Best of all: I do not have to compromise A THING. I can go to an ice cream parlor and order a scoop of pistachio without having to worry about anyone else getting an allergic reaction. I can party hard and smoke without it upsetting anybody the next day. Best of all: I don’t have to change my already crazy schedule to FaceTime the bae because he’s is Europe and I’m somewhere else.

So on this special day, and I am addressing all my single people: Do what you want to do! Be your own person, and do not stress out about not having someone special to celebrate today. Having yourself is wonderful and all you need.

Anything we have in common here? What did you do on your Valentines Day? 

I’ll leave you on that note. My pizza is finally ready and I can’t wait to eat it! We’ll talk more tomorrow!<3 Good night!


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