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Throwback Monday


So stylish!  Even back then! ^^
Hey there you!
It’s Monday here in the states, the beginning of a new week ❤ I cannot say Monday is my favorite day, but it is a Hallmark which reminds me there is a new Friday to look forward to.
A few days ago I found myself looking at my childhood photos. It is something I normally would not do. I do not know what it was about the whole thing, but I was instantly drawn to mini me.
It's rather strange, I do not remember most of the events even happening. Anything we have in common here?
I figured it would make a short post about some of my photos.


Childhood selfie. My addiction dates from back then.



Awko-taco photos from karate. I almost forgot about being a yellow belt haha. I’m so much more advanced now.


The first ever Halloween I ever celebrated. I was Cinderella! The photo is smudged on my face: ( first ever Halloween in KSA.


My daddy’s birthday! ❤ Wow he was super young!


Me being as hyper as usual! This was taken after my ballet class, I’m even wearing my slippers! :’)


My sister and I! ❤ and Yes I was wearing bottoms in this photo. I was wearing my swimsuit.


Truly the most beautiful photo I found. This was taken in Miami beach ages ago. #beachlife
After looking through all these memories, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for my childhood. Something I never would have openly admitted.  Sometimes it takes a trip down memory lane to brighten up your day.
Anyone else enjoy throwbacks??
Agg the pit of the post, I leave you know. I need to shower and get ready for school tomorrow. Sweet dreams and I hope you have a fantastic week! ❤
We'll talk more later! 😉


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