Nespresso Coffee Cupcakes

jessicaalizzi flat lay I cannot believe it is already the beginning of a new season! Summer came and went and my tan has already begun to fade (well, peel). So before I totally bid my farewells to the warmer months, I decided to make some summer inspired, bright colourful cupcakes in collaboration with Nespresso’s newest Decaffeinato blends. As someone who has always embraced a fully caffeinated coffee, I originally questioned my need for the newest decaf pods, but after eating more cupcakes than I’d like to admit (…seriously, like don’t even ask), I was thanking my lucky stars these babies were caffeine free, as I would’ve been up all night (…thus giving me more time to, well, eat the entirety of them…). Plus, this [unfortunately] also meant I was able to share the raspberry-icing cupcakes with my little cousins… Who, to be fair, LOVED THEM. Best…

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