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Berlin Therapy

At least East Berlin therapy.

Hey you!

Its been a long while since my last post-again due to school. I seriously cannot remember the last time I ate. My German courses have been killing me. I am literally the slowest in my class, and my class only has eight students (including myself).

Aside from all of this, I figure it would be a shame if I did not enjoy Berlin. L1030194The view of the Rocky Mountains from the airplane. They look absolutely stunning with all of that snow!

L1030209 L1030210

As the plane touched down at the Flughafen (Ger: Airport), It started pouring outside. As a Californian, it is very rare for me to see even the slightest drop of rain. This was my first culture-shock: The weather.L1030211Before traveling here, I had completely forgotten East Berlin was under communist regime for many years- hence this is why it looked super creepy.

L1030212 This is das Hotel I was staying in.

L1030213 L1030216

 The photo above shows the offices of the Stazi. This building holds every record of every East Berliner and how they lived their lives during Soviet rule… And I thought Gossip Girl was nosy!

The rest of the day was spent dealing with bipolar weather and trying not to slip on snow.

I truly love Berlin, but after taking my German courses I have been skeptical about moving here. There is not much I can do about it now, I guess I’ll just wait it out.


I am so much like my father. All I do is take selfies, however this face was a result of the sun shining way too bright. L1030288

One truly captivating aspect of this city; everywhere you go, every corner you turn, there is always a piece of history relevant.

It is this way in all cities. Apart from my deep interest in the Holocaust and post-Holocaust periods of history, this city spoke to me. There is a difference between learning about something via textbook, and actually seeing everything.

I can’t deny that I have fallen in love with this city, heck, I like Berlin more than any college boy hehe!

Well, this is all for now. I am too tired to stay awake any longer.

We’ll talk more later!

Have you been to Berlin? 


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