Life Babbles

Just Write

“Trauma. Its trauma.”

“I don’t get it. From what?”

 Who knows.

My nose always starts running when I think about this. Highly unattractive, I know, but it always seems to happen.

Its been almost four years now, and I still can’t manage to understand what really happened. Everyone says its stupid, and in a way, I have to agree. Some people have said that my inability to put pen to paper anymore is just writers block. If this is the case, I have one heck of a severe block.

However, people quickly take their claims back once they figure out, I could have been published. I used to win awards for my essays. Essays that I wouldn’t even try on. Also, I had a previous blog, which was highly successful, but got deleted out of spite. The look on peoples faces when they here all this background jargon is priceless.

One thing that hasn’t changed: I love proving people wrong

It almost feels like living a new life, or getting a fresh start. Which, in the past, is something I would have killed for.

Not remembering gives life a whole new meaning. Makes it feel like the world isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.


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