Life Babbles

Im Back!

I have been extremely stressed out about everything.

Life is too short to stress, but we all do it anyway. I have missed blogging terribly!

I’ve been filling the void by studying and exercising, but it is not enough.

Obviously school will always come first, but it is time I start doing what I love again.

Here’s a few selfies I took today.(I haven’t been taking much photos lately, but this will change!)


Can proudly say #nofilter #nomakeupIMG_1941

Ahhh! Celebrating Spring Break/March Break! (What it is called in Canada).


Tried to be cool… Failed


Im way too tired. I pulled an all-nighter last night when I had to study for a German test. Not cool.


You guys get my full quirkiness for days! Lucky you! hehe.

I really and truly appreciate all the encouraging comments and support that I have gotten. It has really helped.

I am really looking forward to picking up where I left off on the blog.

Thank you guys for everything.


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