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Last Friday Night

After a few months of being MIA, I finally got together with my two best friends for a raging afternoon out. The reason behind our get together was to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday. In the past, these, celebrations were a lot of fun, but now that I’m in college it seems like celebrations and hangouts have taken a 180° turn.


We decided on Hillcrest, which is an artistic side of town. It’s full of aspiring actors and starving musicians – but is still a popular place to be on the weekends. Before (last) Friday #latepost I had never been to this spot. I can’t say I regret going. There are a lot of amazing restaurants and shops. However, I don’t recommended planning a trip here when it rains. People at this side of the spectrum do not know how to drive in the rain (or at all really).


Hillcrest tries to be a west coast version of New York City – but It’s not. There is light to the place, It’s in the from of a brunch restaurant named Snooze. Truly one of the most enticing places I’ve been to in a while.


I managed to scarf down not one but two blueberry Danish pancakes. Truly yummy.
Afterwards, we hoped onto the freeway and made our way over to SkyZone.
For those who do not have a SkyZone near them, it is basically a place with a bunch of trampolines and a foam pit. After an hour of jumping, I was super soar and fairly inspired to buy a trampoline. It gives such great results in such a short amount of time! And It’s fun too!
It’s fairly strange how a year can make a huge difference. Before, birthday celebrations used to mean parties or the beach, now It’s only brunch and exercise. I feel like a middle aged British socialite (no offense to Britain in anyway). Hmm maybe a hoosier version of Carrie Bradshaw would be a better comparison? I really don’t know how to answer that.
How do you do birthday celebrations?


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