Ooops… Im In Victoria | Photos and Tips

After an intense week of adapting to new places, I figured it would be grand to visit Victoria. Before today, I had never had the chance to go. I packed up (again) and left towards downtown Victoria.

IMG_2199Unlike most days, today was clear and sunny! Extremely lucky I must say. Victoria is surrounded by beautiful buildings that combine English architecture with modern-day buildings. Truly a remarkable experience!

IMG_2201Something – Actually, the biggest touristic factor that affects everyone in Victoria is that everything is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. This will deeply affect your travel here, and also for most tourist things like: Horse carriage rides, boat plane tours, and museums all need reservations made in advance! Something to keep in mind.


IMG_2203So many awesome things to do…

IMG_2204Apart from the amazing street art, there is also a long line of market stands. Again, fairly pricey, but well worth it.

IMG_2205Take a stroll down Government Street, but don’t forget to look at the sidewalks! A bunch of totally cool names are lined up there!

IMG_2207I was inspired to take this photo because it had been so long since I’ve seen a La Senza shop! There is currently a sale going on there, and thats always a good thing!

Now for some street photos!IMG_2208





IMG_2217IMG_2217Lovely Parliament building! ❤


IMG_2225This particular building makes for some great instagram photos haha!


IMG_2227The beauty of this city is definitely not lost on me. Fucking gorgeous!

IMG_2228Summer is for sure the best season to come to Victoria.


Later I stopped at a restaurant called “White Spot” – its supposed to be a typical Canadian restaurant, like the Swiss Chalet or Tim Hortons.

IMG_2230To be completely honest the restaurant was rather down scale, at least to what I’m used to. However, it was delicious! I ordered the White Spot Club! Good source of protein.

My trip had to be cut short in order to get back to where I live. I ended up missing my train, and am currently writing to you guys at a 24 – hour Starbucks. Im not sure when the next train will get here, but I have no regrets. Traveling is all about getting lost. I think we can all take comfort in that.


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