like, whoa instagram

the other fork in the road

 “So you’re really blowing up on Instagram. How are you doing with that?” my sister asked cautiously.

I was sweating underneath a towering metal power line in the Virginia mountains when she called, just 2.8 miles separating me from a much needed shower, Pizza Hut and overdue Zero day in Daleville. Something in my sister’s voice made her question sound more like my dog had just died, rather than my Instagram account exploding to 11.2k followers.

“Uh, fine? Why do you sound like that? How am I doing with what, exactly?”

“Oh nothing,” she said quickly, trying to brush it off, change the subject. I had zero clue what she was referring to, but now I had to know, so I pressed her until she mumbled, “Just some comments on Facebook, there were only two! And poor Mom…”

Mom? WTF? 

Let’s go back to last week, when Instagram…

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