Summer Travel Essentials

Apart from the obvious shampoo and conditioner, I figured I’d make this mini post about some thing you should definitely carry in your suitcase for that two week exotic trip!


The essential thing to invest in is a traveling/cosmetic pouch!

IMG_2296This handy little thing is great for keeping all hygienic products together and in less of a risk of spilling and ruining all of your clothes.

IMG_2297The second important item to have is skin cream. With all that shaving and sun exposure, your skin will try up like a raisin. I personally love Palmers Coco Butter Formula because it gives skin the moisture and care it needs while fixing and leaving your skin looking super flawless. BT-Dubs you DO NOT have to be pregnant to use it 🙂

IMG_2298Facial cleanser is something to always have no matter what. However, to keep a glowy and bronzed facial complexion, avoid buying exfoliation cleansers. Exfoliating is important but there is no way to keep a tan if you are literally scrubbing it off.

IMG_2299This leads me to facial moisturizer…It is always important to keep skin moisturized during the summer, but sun protection is priority. It is normally very hard to find products with any SPF that does not leave you looking all oily. Fear not, this moisturizer has the right amount of SPF protection and does not leave skin oily afterwards.

IMG_2300Deodorant!!! Need I say more…..

IMG_2301Sun block should definitely be in everyones suitcases. I would personally not bring aerosol sprays because of TSA regulations, however, this item did manage to pass…. Also, this is super easy to apply and dries almost instantly!

IMG_2303PT Tape. This tape is good for muscle injuries and soreness, or dealing with slight scoliosis. This is very handy.

IMG_2302Lastly, cute nail polish! Even though vacations are meant to have fun, there will be nights when you can’t sleep and you will be up with nothing to do. Besides, fabulous nails always dress up any outfit, and makes you look like you are more put together!

Well, this was the guide! I certainly hoped you guys enjoyed!

What are you guys taking with you on your holidays???


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