Summer Goals List Check-Offs!!

It feels fantastic to cross of items on a list that I once thought I would never get to do. I do have so much more to accomplish, but it no longer feels impossible. 🙂


1) Lose the freshmen 15 that I gained

2) Get abs and a good booty (still pertains to #1 I guess)

3) To get a tan. Its time to embrace the sun and stop being a vampire   : It didn’t last more than a few days, but at least I got one!

4) Begin dancing again, something Ive been meaning to get back to since college started

5) Get better at blogging. This is one hopefully many will thank me for in the future.

6) Make new friends, this way I can say I have some…

7) To stop slouching over so much. Its insanely unattractive

8) To decorate my new place, seriously, I barely have any furniture in here.

9) Try something new with my hair. I think its time for a little experiment!  I put my hair up for the first time. Not extremely adventurous I know, but still did it.

10) Get an A on my online school courses! Education is a must, and an A would be nice

11) To try fish and chips for the first time (and not throw up) I somewhat cheated, I ordered Halibut instead of Cod. It was pretty tasty, I’ve definitely missed out on a lot.

12) To get a job that I truly enjoy

13) To spend more time studying religion, specifically mine. I really need to pick up a bible…

14) To start writing stories again. I haven’t had the imagination to do this for years, but Im hoping this will change.

15) To learn how to change a tire, this way I don’t have to rely on AAA

16) Start dressing up like Blair Waldorf a bit – I always say I will, but I end up not doing so

17) To get a boyfriend. A girl can dream

18) To finish reading my current Harry Potter book

19) To learn how to drive a stick shift car

20) To learn how to speak a new language

Now, with things crossed off, I have to add some things to the list, just to balance it out. The things I am going to add are:

*Get a cool study abroad opportunity

*Successfully make an EDITED youtube video. Its all for the blog. hehe

*Get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. I am such a nerd.

I hope this helps inspire yours. xoxo.



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