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Big Mistake

There are some days my life goes completely to shit. This was one of those days. :/
My mother, sister, and I had planned to go to a hippy farmers market that is an hour away on a special island. I’d been super pumped up about this since I’ve heard a numerous amount of stories about the island and market. It’s probably one of the most notorious islands in existence – but more on that later.
Throughout the entire summer, my family members have gotten into extreme fights, and as usual, I’ve been Switzerland about all of them. Day in and day out, I’ve sat in the middle of these horrid arguments – and today was no exception. By the time we got to the market, I was beyond the point of “fed up” – I was pissed. So pissed in fact, I ended up yelling insanely obscene things to the both of them. My sister couldn’t have cared less, but my Mom wasn’t having it. I ended up really hurting her feelings – and that ultimately hurt me back. I quickly apologized and tried to make her feel better. She forgave me and understood how upset I was. I’ve felt crummy about it the whole day, and the trip was ruined. Why couldn’t I have kept my mouth shut? I’ve been torturing myself with this question ever since.
Out of an island of:
– actual hardcore hippies
– public nudity
– one cinema which only plays one movie – minions
– misogyny
– misandry
– Vietnam draft dodgers
– old people
I was the weird one. The kook.  The scary lady. ME! 
Lesson here is: Sometimes life sucks and maybe voicing your opinion may help a situation, but never say anything out of vain. Words may end up costing you more than you think. I know mine did.



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