Blessings for Bangkok

Pictures & Plane Tickets

In a sad twist of fate, I had scheduled a post for today which detailed our stay in Thailand’s capital city, however after waking to the news of the Erawan Shrine bombing in downtown Bangkok, it didn’t feel right to have that post go live.

In today’s world it is so easy to become numb… Daily reports of movie theater massacres, mass killings, terrorism, bombings, countries at war — these headlines are scattered across the news outlets for a day or two until the next newsworthy event unfolds; and after a while the human aspect becomes lost because it’s just another story about our dysfunctional world.

My brother emailed me first thing this morning with a CNN link about the bombing and as I read the article I blinked back tears as they stung my eyes — I couldn’t help but think about the instant heartache brought upon so many people and how terrified everyone must…

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