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Hello June! | Start of Challenge Day 1

Hello everyone! and happy June.

Its been a while since I’ve sat down and put this wonderful brain to use and scraped up a post. I cannot believe we are halfway done with 2016. Its crazy.

I figured I might as well do another challenge series, I mean why not. Honestly, I have not been able to properly cope with the void this little piece of the internet has left me – basically it feels like blogging has broken up with me, or rather, me it. Either way it doesn’t feel too good.

Today’s topic is: What weird things do I do when I’m alone?

As much as I hate to admit it – I am an introvert. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to people and going to parties and loving life, but I do enjoy my alone time. Sometimes a little too much. I feel as if being alone helps me reflect on myself. Im sure Im not the only one thinking this.

One of the weird things I do is to dance, even if music dint playing. I guess its just a default after so many years of actually doing so. Apart from that, I watch netflix and eat loads of hummus with pita bread and carrots – my go to snack all day everyday.

Recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate more time towards bible study. Im trying to get that to be a daily, healthy habit.

What are some things you guys like to do when you are all alone?


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