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Changes | Love Over Everything

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Its been a while since I could pluck up the courage to post something. However. theres no stopping me this time.

I originally started this blog a fashion/diary sort of project, however things have changed, I have changed. This may be shocking for some, but there are more important things in life than fashion. While fashion is very important (I’ll talk about this later) I had always felt like I needed to have a different purpose. To make this world a better place. There was just one problem, I had no idea how.

I had eventually and inexplicably felt the presence of God during this time. I was at my weakest moment, both physically and mentally. I gave my life to Christ and found the most overwhelming amount of peace – I can’t even describe it.

Throughout two years, I grew as a Christian and as a person. Life couldn’t be better. This is when I figured it out. Well, not exactly… I prayed for the Lord to help me find purpose. Then a dear friend of mine suggested that I read a book about intentional living. What this book highlighted was that I needed to find the one thing I was good at and put it to use. That is exactly what I am doing with this blog. This blog will no longer be a quiet and boring part of the internet anymore, I am turning this blog into a blog of faith, good word, and a log about life as a Christian.

My ultimate goal is to help people from non believing backgrounds and people who have just found the Christian faith. I want to share this amazing love with everyone I can. Through God’s grace, I know I will.

Lovely reader, you are invited to follow along 🙂 ❤f0598a330e9d9f340c1c7c355262ad9a


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