Serious Commitment 

Tuesdays. They are the second day of the week, the day I do not have class, and also the day I solely dedicate to ballet.

I’d be lying if I said that my time was fully invested in dance. It’s such an unrealistic aspect when you’re in university. My dance teacher has taken notice of this, and from what I saw, she clearly wasn’t impressed. 

Starting from the beginning of the week, I sowed my shoes on wrong and I forgot to tuck my laces in before class started. It was toward the end of class when I asked my teacher about what I could do to improve, or specifics I should work on. She simply just looked at me and said “One day, you’ll make a serious commitment to ballet”… ouch… I really didn’t know why that hurt as much as it did. But one thing is for sure, I was determined to prove her wrong. I longed to watch her slowly see the progress I was making. That whole week I spent it doing cardio and strengthening exercises, this way when I got back to class, I would suck less than what I usually do. 

I quickly realized that my teacher was right. The commitments that I was making was not enough. And how I hated how right she was. 


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