Stuck in First Position 

It has been a week and a half since my last post, and I cant deny that I am dissapointed with my sporadic posting. Truthfully I have been nursing a major neck muscle spasm back to health, which has hindered dancing and even the most basic activities – like walking and sleeping- for me. Regardless, I have reached this point within my bordeom to not care about anything – even pain… Actually no, pain is still something I care about, especially since I am the one in it. I have started doing some basic exercises and plies in hopes of not falling behind. I can only manage to stay in first position, anything other than this sends my neck into a world of pain. 

If anyone has some tips on what helps muscle spasms, PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW! 

As of right now, I am not really able to dance, which means I am not able to post any cool dancing content 😭. However, part of being a dancer is learning to cope with injuries. And that is exactly what I’ll do. One baby step at a time.


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