Bucket List

It has been almost a week back home from my much beloved escapade to Europe… and I have spent this week hating life because in reality, my life back home is actually pretty boring. Though boredom makes way for the most wonderful and maybe even the most daring ideas, so I thought I would compose a bucket list of things I would love to do (or dare to try). So without further adieu:

  1. Swim with dolphins and sharks – While I was growing up I always believed that I was part mermaid and swimming with beautiful marine creatures would definitely make my younger self a very happy camper 🙂
  2. Make  vegan Russian and German Dishes – This will without a doubt be the most challenging culinary experience I will probably ever have… I cannot name one German or Russian dishes that does not have animal products in it.44f2b2e4857aa31141d4537fddd47879e46b687de1d64705c2033e088e6ed4af
  3. Visit Harry Potter World – This needs no further explanation!
  4. Visit the Warner Brothers Studio in England5e83362c8a5343ae3cdf4af21a226985
  5. Run a marathon – It has been ages since I have participated in a marathon! (High school nostalgia intensifies)530d2f7e885b08030ea57ab11145121f
  6. Improve my dancing technique – And overall dancing. Although I hate admitting it, I really regret quitting dancing. I miss it everyday, and I would not be as stiff and sloppy if I had continued…c709b4c997a487aa75aed040e6f83f1f4378c29ec927d5ddf0c60f61b98020ff
  7. Dress to Impress – Even if it is once a week. My careless fashion habits of the past three years have escalated and create problems for me as an adult. To summarize… fashion does matter              c37b104acfaea73b05df8abfc8a522f3
  8. To visit Moscow, Russia – And also the rest of Russia like Saint Petersburg and Novgorod! One of my dearest friends comes from Moscow and she can never speak enough about this city! I can only hope that it will be as magical and as eye-opening as she has built it up to be 🙂 I also read this blog called: My Life in Russia, when I was in my third year of high school, and it has also inspired me to visit Russia ❤ 3bf52844b97bf8453390e3175c13295d
  9. To speak fluent German – I have been taking German classes in University for almost four years, but my German is far from perfect
  10. To learn enough Russian to actually understand what my friends are saying – It’s not that I’m paranoid, I just want to understand one conversation that way I don’t feel so bad for not understanding whats so funny when we go out.
  11. To learn fancy braids – I can only do one type of braid… and its the basic braid… I fail so hard at being a girl!
  12. To travel to Scandinavia – My love for Ikea and the wilderness is strong! I would love nothing more than to frolic on a fjord, see an Opera in Oslo, and wander around the city of Aarhus!          e798edcc2c833159bde026922f2f28a4ca6526bc3dd0ffec2e304545f3799d09
  13. To visit the Amsterdam Library – This one unfortunately a spot that I did not get to see while I was in Amsterdam. Apart from being one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, it also has an impressive collection of research articles about Psychoanalysis! These works will feed my soul next time I am in Amsterdam 74328466cb800ce8f7d1239168d57905
  14. Go paragliding over the Sea – Nothing compares to the feeling of being up in the air. I think combining both air and water would make for an unforgettable experience! fd0a51dbd47cba66531956013a05e520
  15. Get Gainz – I’ve recently started getting into the fitness lifestyle, and some muscle gainz would be nice 🙂 30ceeb7969203188c1f7b7c1ac33da5c
  16. Improve Photography
  17. Go to a gay bar – I worked with a LGBTQIA+ organization this past semester and I have yet to visit a gay bar. I am really looking forward to the experience! I am sure it’ll be filled with positive vibes and great music 🙂
  18. Join a book club – I shake my head every time I proclaim myself to be a bookworm. While books are an important part of my life and I love them (probably more than I’ve ever loved anyone), I have never been a part of a book club… unless you count bible study, but that’s really only one book
  19. To hike somewhere beautiful every month – I am keeping locations open, just as long as its beautiful.
  20. To learn how to code a website – I am no technology buff, but coding a website has always interested me. Maybe I’ll do something with it in the future?

That’s all for now!


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